Delivering technically excellent solutions is at the heart of what we do.

That's why we've developed the following products to help reduce risk for your business.

Client Portal

The Client Portal is your space to store, prepare and edit contracts, store and share information securely, and engage with your team. Itsaves time, reduces cost and allows you to self-serve on repeatable contracts through the cloud.

The ClientPortal is perfect for any business seeking to centralise its legal operations – a tool built by lawyers for lawyers. As our clients’ needs become more sophisticated, so too will our solution, eventually integrating with our own purpose built artificial intelligence platform.

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Safetrac - Online Compliance Training

At Safetrac we provide you with effective legal compliance programs to motivate behaviour change, not just awareness. We offer innovative programs that educate and engage everyone in your business.

Developed, written and updated by MinterEllisonRuddWatts, our award-winning courses have been proven to help you reduce the risk of reputational damage, litigation and financial penalties to your business.

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Introducing PAT, your Project Advisory Toolbox

PAT provides in-house, customisable training focused specifically on your needs.

The training modules address issues faced by the construction industry during the life cycle of a project, from the concept stage to the end of the limitation period in respect of latent defects.

Rather than sending individual team members to expensive training sessions facilitated by external providers, PAT is a cost-effective solution for the whole team.  We can come to you, or host you in our boardroom.

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