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    01 January 2015

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Delivering technically excellent and innovative solutions is at the heart of what we do.

Embracing innovation and new ways of working is core to our mission.

We have a track record of success delivering tailored legal technology services to help clients achieve outputs quicker and more accurately while reducing and controlling risk.

MinterEllisonRuddWatts’ pioneering contributions to legal technology include:

  • automation – applying smart automation and bots to previously manual and time-consuming processes, greatly improving time of production and accuracy while reducing costs and improving productivity
  • obligations/compliance management – a continuously updated database of ~4000 obligations across ~200 Acts, Regulations and Codes delivered into your preferred compliance management solution or managed through our flexible online platform
  • launching the country’s first legal AI joint venture to create McCarthyFinch in 2017, with a successful exit to global enterprise legal management software provider Onit in 2020.

Our commitment to innovation is one of the things that set our business and culture apart. Establishing new ways of working enables us to provide our clients with the best, and most efficient, legal service possible Andrew Poole, Chief Executive

Obligations Management

Under New Zealand legislation directors, officers and other senior leaders have a core duty to manage legal risk and compliance. Proactively understanding and managing your legal obligations helps ensure a passing grade when a regulator comes knocking.

The MinterEllisonRuddWatts obligations management system features a continuously updated database of approximately 4000 obligations along with plain-English summaries across 200 Acts, regulations, codes and orders.

Our experts will work with you to identify and understand the obligations that affect your operations, while you choose to have these relevant obligations feed into your existing compliance software solution or managed, controlled and reported on through our flexible online platform.



As a tech-pioneering firm we’ve put in the hard yards to understand the often-confusing plethora of automation solutions on the market.

The application of smart automation and bots to previously manual and time-consuming processes can greatly improve time of production and accuracy while reducing costs and improving productivity.

To successfully and cost effective deploy automation it is critical to first review, understand and optimise the process flows and tasks involved. 

We have experience implementing automation both for clients and across our firm, with experts on hand to assist with the 'review / understand / optimise' and implementation phases - ensuring a lasting and fit-for-purpose solution.

We have experience with:

  • agreement/contract automation
  • AI-powered contract review
  • automated workflows and bots
  • matter/case management
  • Contract Life-cycle Management (CLM)
  • electronic signatures
  • automated risk and compliance management - please see our Obligations Management solution