Construction Thought Leadership Sessions 2019

The Construction division will be leading four Thought Leadership Sessions at MinterEllisonRuddWatts. The sessions will give an overview of issues in the construction industry and our take on the best approach going forward.  The table below outlines the topics and potential dates to keep in mind this year.

 Topic OverviewDate
Procurement and risk allocationAn issue heavily covered by the media, this session will also include our view on the issue including:
  • Government leadership on procurement;
  • The lowest bid mentality;
  • Consideration of whole of life costs;
  • Focus on better risk allocation; and
  • Lessons learned from poor risk allocation.
Set for 4 April 2019
Project administrationWhat is going wrong with project administration and the lack of leadership? We will examine:
  • The role of the engineer in terms of the market, a lack of robustness in performance of the role in some areas, and delegation, training and experience in the process; and
  • The perception by contractors that the Engineer is not impartial and over- reliance on the adjudication process
June 2019
DisputesA forecast of construction disputes in New Zealand including:
  • Dispute boards and other developments in this space;
  • Cost vs project value;
  • The effectiveness of the adjudication process and faith in the process; and
  • How insurance is playing a part in construction disputes in terms of patent vs latent defects
August 2019
PrefabFollowing the 2014 BRANZ Report encouraging the use of Prefab, has there been progress? Has KiwiBuild seen an increase in the use of Prefab?

We will examine this at industry, market and Council level.

October 2019

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