Investing in New Zealand's renewable energy sector

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    07 April 2023

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Our Investing in New Zealand's renewable energy sector guide explores the current trends shaping New Zealand's renewable energy market, in addition to the main drivers behind deals, opportunity sectors and challenges facing investors.

New Zealand is striving to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and to reduce all greenhouse gases (except biogenic methane) to net zero by 2050. In addition to these targets, it is estimated that New Zealand will need to increase its electricity supply by close to 70% by 2050 to meet domestic needs, as the New Zealand economy electrifies. In real terms, industry indicates this equates to approximately 400–500MW of new generation capacity needed every year through to 2050 (a rate of development never seen in New Zealand before). To support all this new generation, it is estimated at least NZD22 billion of investment in the distribution network is needed over the next decade.  

The opportunity for investing in renewable energy projects and the associated infrastructure needed is immense, with long-term returns.  

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The guide includes:

  • a detailed description on the country’s electricity system 
  • information about New Zealand’s foreign investment rules
  • guidance on the various corporate structures to support investment in renewable energy
  • options for financing renewable energy generation projects
  • a summary of New Zealand’s regulatory environment affecting investment in the energy sector, including environment and resource law.

If you are considering investing in New Zealand's renewable energy sector or need some help navigating the renewables regulatory landscape, talk to one of our experts.