Health and Safety Toolkit

We are pleased to present our updated Health and Safety at Work Act toolkit compiled to assist organisations keep workers and others safe.

The Act’s focus on requiring organisations to take reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of workers and others is sufficiently flexible to address all manner of risks in a workplace, including of course those arising from COVID-19. While following government and industry guidance are important in managing COVID-19 related risks, one of the strengths of the Act is that it allows flexibility on the controls that each organisation may put in place to minimise those risks in the workplace. It is hoped that this toolkit is a useful resource, alongside our COVID-19 Alert Level 2 and 3 guides, as you consider how to manage these risks in the workplace.

Health and safety in New Zealand has advanced significantly since we prepared our original toolkit in 2016. However, the level of harm in New Zealand workplaces remains unacceptably high: there were 30,390 workplace injuries resulting in more than a week away from work in 2018 and 91 people died in workplace-related fatalities in the year to May 2020.

Ensuring healthy and safe workplaces requires more than simply understanding the law. Leadership at all levels of an organisation that demonstrates a real commitment to worker safety and engagement is critical. To improve health and safety in New Zealand, everyone must think constantly about what must be done to keep themselves and others safe in the workplace. It is only then that we will start to see real improvement in our country’s health and safety culture and a decline in the rates of injury.

Should you have any questions about your health and safety obligations, our team has experience across a broad range of health and safety matters and is able to assist you.

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