Independent Infrastructure Entity established by Government to drive infrastructure growth

At Infrastructure New Zealand’s (INZ) Building Nations Symposium (16-17 August 2018), Minister Shane Jones announced that the Government would establish an independent infrastructure entity (I-body).  Read the announcement here.

“We want to create a new body that provides expert advice, planning and strategy, supports the delivery of major infrastructure projects across the country and acts as the golden thread between the various pieces of work this Government is undertaking.”

The I-body will also be a one-stop shop for investors, linking people to procuring entities and providing information about the regulatory framework and state of the market.

From the Minister’s announcement, the I-body appears similar to the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) in the UK, which reports directly to the Prime Minister’s Office and to Treasury.  The responsibility of the IPA is for “the overall project delivery system; the projects, people and processes that together create the right environment for successful delivery.”

The Minister has also stated that the Government has drawn on the Infrastructure Australia experience in formulating its ideas around the I-body.  There are different versions of similar bodies in each of the states with varying roles.

We’re told that the I-body will focus on the long term pipeline of infrastructure needs, and address what the Minister described as New Zealand’s massive infrastructure deficit.

The Minister has stated that he hopes to have the I-body in place by late 2019.  This will coincide with another Government initiative, the operation of an Urban Development Authority.

The move has been supported by INZ, which has welcomed the proactive and fresh approach to addressing the infrastructure deficit.

The IEE has also been welcomed by the Employers and Manufacturers Association

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