Release of Special Conditions to Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services (CCCS)

New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) has launched an All of Government (AoG) solution for construction consultancy services.

As part of the AoG solution, NZGP has released a list of core amendments to the Special Conditions to the fourth edition of the Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services, December 2017 (CCCS). This includes, among other things, updates to both the obligations of the Consultant and the Client, insurance, intellectual property and disputes. NZGP has also released a Deed of Novation and Form of Continuity and Duty of Care Deed to be included as Appendix H and Appendix I to the CCCS. The full list of core amendments is available to read online.

In addition to the core amendments, NZGP has also released a list of project-specific amendments for consultants and clients to consider including in their consultant agreements, on a case-by-case basis depending on the scale and nature of the particular project. This includes, among other things, amendments to the right to set-off, limitation of liability, variations, copyright of documents, payment on early termination, suspension and assignment and novation. The full list of project-specific amendments is available to read online.

NZGP has produced a guidance document outlining those things parties should consider when incorporating the core amendments and project-specific amendments into their consultant agreements. The guidance document can also be read online.

An All of Government Construction Consultancy Services Channel (AoG CCS Channel) has been set up within the government’s digital Marketplace, and is now open to all suppliers of construction consultancy services catering to the following services:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Civil / Structural / Geotechnical Engineering
  • Building Services / Mechanical / Hydraulic / Electrical Engineering
  • Fire Engineering
  • Transport and Road Engineering
  • Environmental Design
  • Project Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Supplementary Services

The purpose of the AoG CCS Channel is to make it easier for suppliers to engage in business with the government.

Please feel to contact us, or the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Marketplace Team (, if you have any questions regarding the Marketplace.

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