Resource management reform starts again

The Ministry for the Environment released its Cabinet paper and regulatory impact statement (RIS), outlining the Government’s proposed Resource Management Amendment Bill (the Bill) today.

The proposed Bill is the first stage of a two-stage programme to further change the resource management system.

The Bill will include changes to the Resource Management Act to alter the approach to public notification of resource consents, broaden enforcement tools and the Environment Court’s powers.  The Bill’s overarching objectives will be to:

  • reduce complexity,
  • increase certainty, and
  • improve public participation.

With drafting under way, we anticipate the Bill will be introduced to Parliament early in 2019, with submissions sought when the Bill is referred to a Select Committee.

Stage two of the reform programme will involve a comprehensive review of the resource management system, and is set to begin in 2019. The scope of this review is still being worked through by the Ministry for the Environment, but will be framed as changes to system settings to support the economy.

Read the Cabinet paper and RIS here.

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