Urban Development Bill expected imminently

An Urban Development Bill (Bill) is expected imminently.  It will provide Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities (KāingaOra) with powers to facilitate large scale urban development.

The Bill is expected to follow numerous Cabinet papers and Government press releases about facilitating complex and large-scale housing, infrastructure and commercial projects so that urban communities are created or expanded.  This is achieved through empowering Kāinga Ora to undertake projects itself or with others and to facilitate developer-led projects.

Based on papers available, the Bill will provide a range of legal tools currently available to other authorities will be made available to Kāinga Ora.  These include fast track planning rules and resource consent decisions, financing of infrastructure (e.g. through targeted rates) and acquiring land.

To get the Bill through Parliamentary processes before the election, we expect the Bill will be introduced into Parliament before the end of the year.  The public submission process is likely to be open until mid-March, with a Select Committee process after that.

Kāinga Ora is a Crown entity and a Crown agency established this year by a separate Act.  It has been fully operative since October 2019.  Kāinga Ora brings together the KiwiBuild Unit, Housing New Zealand and its development subsidiary HLC.  This grouping was selected to enable a more cohesive, joined-up approach to delivering the Government’s priorities for housing and urban development in New Zealand.

In anticipation of the Bill Kāinga Ora is openly considering quality urban developments that connect homes with jobs, transport, open spaces and facilities needed. This includes accelerating the availability of build-ready land, and building a mix of housing including public housing, affordable housing, homes for first home buyers and market housing of different types, sizes and tenures.

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