Construction and Infrastructure Report – November 2022

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    01 November 2022

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Welcome to the Construction and Infrastructure Report, a round-up of industry news and thought leadership underpinning New Zealand’s construction and infrastructure sectors.

The New Zealand construction sector is gearing up for substantial growth following the COVID-19 pandemic, with government focus on developing infrastructure strategies to support economic goals and dealing with the significant shortage of residential housing.

We provide a brief summary of the updated immigration pathways available for construction workers to help combat the major labour gaps in the industry. Employers in the construction market can utilise this information when making recruitment decisions and forecasting projects.

Last month, the New Zealand Government responded to 67 recommendations provided in the New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy 2022. We highlight the eight key recommendations relevant to construction projects.

The Fair Trading Amendment Act 2021 was passed to extend the existing prohibition on unfair contract terms to small trade contracts and introduced a new statutory prohibition on unconscionable conduct. As of August 2022, these new provisions are in force. Will these affect New Zealand’s standard form construction contracts?

Securing funding for property development is becoming increasingly difficult in the current market. As major banks have pulled back funding, we see a large influx of non-bank lenders stepping in to fill the gap – particularly out of Australia. Our experts summarise the challenges faced by developers and trends that we see in the alternative funding space.

This issue contains six digital articles. Click the links below to read each one.

Construction recruitment in a skills shortage market: New residence visa pathways

Government response to the New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy

The extension of unfair contract terms regime to small trade: Unfair standard construction contracts?

Securing development finance: Challenges ahead

NZS 3910:2013 update: Review committee releases recommended Special Conditions

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