Sustainable Impact: Issue five

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    28 July 2023

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Welcome to Sustainable Impact, our publication exploring the conversations and developments in sustainability that are shaping Aotearoa New Zealand’s future.

At MinterEllisonRuddWatts, our people, clients, communities and planet are the points of the compass that orient our firm and helps to drive us forward. 

This issue of Sustainable Impact, like the ones before it, shares the perspectives of a range of people, across a range of industries, on a variety of topics. The common theme from all our contributors is a desire to do good by the things that matter. 

We start at the Hauraki Gulf, where Sustainable Impact chats to Mike Horne, CEO at Fullers Group Ltd about the company’s plan to build an entire network of sustainable zero emission vessels. Mike explains how foiling is the future, and why the supporting infrastructure is as important as the vessels themselves. 

Treading into deeper waters, Partner Stephanie de Groot and Solicitor Amy Dresser discuss offshore energy investment in Aotearoa New Zealand. With a growing interest in offshore energy development, a balance must be struck between increasing renewable energy supply and the environmental risks of offshore activities. 

Back on land, concerns about corporate greenwashing continues. Partner Lloyd Kavanagh offers guidance and insights for business leaders when making ESG claims, and how to avoid making misleading or false claims that could qualify as greenwashing.

Genevieve Smith, Principal – Sustainability Advisory at Beca discusses the new design, procurement and construction practices that are creating better sustainability outcomes on major infrastructure projects – an essential element as Aotearoa New Zealand works to overcome its infrastructure deficit.

We also ask for your support for a new initiative by Who Did You Help Today? The ‘Storybook’ initiative aims to maintain connections, improve literacy, and build a love for books with incarcerated mothers reading to their tamariki, and it is putting out the call for book donations. 

We hope you find this issue of Sustainable Impact both engaging and inspiring. 

This issue is available as a PDF or five digital articles:

Tip of the foil: Building network capability to enable Auckland's sustainable ferry future

Enabling offshore energy: A balance between certainty of investment and environmental risk

Advancing infrastructure sustainability with Beca

Greenwashing: Guidance to reduce the risks

Stories for connection

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