Sustainable Impact: Issue four

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    26 January 2023

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When you visit our website, the first words you see are ‘Working with you to help shape New Zealand’s future’. This statement matters to us; it is our shared purpose as a firm and a partnership of people.

We endeavour to help shape Aotearoa New Zealand’s future in a number of ways; primarily by working alongside our clients, our people, and our communities. By listening we earn the opportunity to provide solutions that help people to achieve their goals, and to make a positive impact in our communities. It also helps us to build longterm partnerships with organisations that are committed to our strategic pillars of kia toitÅ« te taiao (having a positive, sustainable impact on our planet) and kia toitÅ« te tangata (caring for our people, clients and communities).

This mahi involves us finding, gathering and offering insights, for it is through advancing collective knowledge and understanding that we can all make progress together.

This is what Sustainable Impact is all about: talking to people to understand what they should do, what their challenges are, and what is needed to drive progress and achieve broader sustainability outcomes.

In this issue, we cover many areas of the ESG spectrum. We talk to people at the forefront of community law who are providing free legal services across communities, without which a large – and sadly growing – number of people would go without access to justice. We also share how the Housing Foundation is enabling home ownership for more Kiwi families.

With human activities putting increasing pressure on Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique biodiversity, we examine what is being done to protect it, including how the Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures is a tool to reduce further loss.

Turning to governance and the growing consensus that businesses should provide an economic contribution to society, we highlight practical steps that businesses can take to enhance environmental and social outcomes through an ESG-empowered tax strategy. We also cover the challenging topic of bullying in the workplace, and the need for employers to consider whether their processes, systems, and policies are fostering mental wellbeing.

This issue is available as a PDF or five digital articles:

Housing Foundation helps Kiwis into affordable home ownership
Sustainable workplaces: Keeping bullying and harassment out
Waiho i te toipoto Kaua i te toiroa
Protecting Aotearoa New Zealand’s biodiversity
Transparent tax strategy is key to ESG