Litigation Forecast 2023

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    09 February 2023

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As each new year starts, it seems that life gets more complex, with new challenges and opportunities to navigate. New Zealand’s evolving litigation landscape is no different.

Litigation reflects the biggest issues facing New Zealanders today, and into the future – highlighting the things we care about most.

This year’s Litigation Forecast examines the challenges of climate change litigation and greenwashing, the regulators’ current focus on business’ social licence to operate (rather than simply legal compliance), how slowing global economic activity will impact M&A activity (expect buyers remorse to feature) and create new pitfalls for directors of companies on the verge of insolvency.

We also discuss the complexity of cyber security risks and some of the biggest changes to the country’s labour market in decades.

But the more things change the more they stay the same. Excellent legal advice, industry knowledge and experience, astute strategic and procedural thinking and superb client service remain at the heart of dealing skillfully with litigation risk.

Our Tier 1 Litigation and Dispute Resolution team has long-standing experience in dealing with New Zealand’s most important litigation and was in the thick of last year’s largest and most complex cases.

With a turbulent year predicted by many economic commentators, we are looking forward to supporting clients through 2023 and beyond.