Generative AI insights: A privacy perspective

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    18 September 2023

Generative AI insights: A privacy perspective Desktop Image Generative AI insights: A privacy perspective Mobile Image


In this episode, Partner Richard Wells talks with Senior Associate, Suzy McMillan, both from our privacy team. 

With generative AI exploding and organisations considering its use within their business, there are some potentially significant risks in the privacy space.

[1:18] Richard starts by giving us an outline of the key privacy risks that come into play when using generative AI, including the use of personal information when training an AI model [02:03] and considering the accuracy of output of an AI tool [04:36].

[05:50] They then discuss the guidance given by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, setting out expectations for organisations using generative AI tools and talking about practical solutions to meeting those expectations. 

[10:35] Richard and Suzy finish by considering where the sector may head to next, and what is happening offshore that may influence New Zealand [11:55].

Please contact Richard Wells or Suzy McMillan if you need legal advice and guidance on any of the topics discussed in the episode.

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