Sharesies' new KiwiSaver offering with William Donnelly 

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    16 January 2024

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In this episode, Jeremy Muir, a partner in MinterEllisonRuddWatts’ Technology team talks to William Donnelly, Product Manager at Sharesies.

Jeremy and Will delve into Sharesies' revolutionary approach to the conventional finance industry through technology, highlighting its remarkable success.

[1:10] The conversation kicks off with an exploration of Sharesies' origins and its mission to simplify investing. Will provides insights into the evolution of Sharesies since its inception in 2016, detailing the expanded range of product services. 

[2:14] Will, as a Product Manager within the product team at Sharesies, sheds light on his role and the journey of transforming ideas into tangible outcomes.

[2:36] The discussion then turns to technology. They explore maximising user experience, risk management strategies, and the scalability and user-friendliness of the product.

[4:45] The focus then shifts to investment guardrails and the underlying model of the product. Will elaborates on the concept of base funds, managed funds, and self-select options for its KiwiSaver. 

[7:35] Will talks about how they started with a base fund only proposition which allowed them to turn on the KiwiSaver product for a small group of early adopters. 

[8:16] The conversation takes a regulatory turn, exploring exemption conditions and product disclosure statements. Will outlines the process of defining conditions, including exemptions, in compliance with the Financial Markets Authority.

[11.00] In a rapid-fire round, Jeremy poses quick questions to Will, covering topics such as feedback on the KiwiSaver scheme, risk scores, and the significance of KiwiSaver within Sharesies as an online investment platform.

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Additional resources

At [6.45] Jeremy recommends The Pay Off podcast which looks at the origins of KiwiSaver. He also mentions an interview on the podcast Cooking the Books with Frances Cook and Leighton Roberts, the Co-founder, Co-CEO and Director of Sharesies.