MEttle 11

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    20 August 2019

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MEttle has always had a clear purpose: to offer relevant insight to New Zealand company governors and senior executives by examining the themes and issues that affect NZ Inc., as well as the leaders of the organisations that power our country’s future. 

This issue of MEttle puts special emphasis on leadership, particularly emerging leaders. In telling the stories of four corporate leaders who are either just beginning new roles at the top of their organisations, or who are completing their first year in-role, we were fortunate to speak to Jolie Hodson, who recently picked up the reins as CEO of Spark; Rob McDonald, Chair of Contact Energy; Abby Foote, Chair of Z Energy; and Steve Jurkovich, who is coming up on his first year as CEO of Kiwibank.

These inspirational individuals gave us valuable insights into not only how they view the challenges of their industries and the wider business landscape, but also how their own personal journeys have informed who they are as leaders – and the leadership styles they now seek to demonstrate. 

One theme kept emerging from our interviews: having the courage to embrace change – whether through new technologies, new challenges, or taking on new risks. Having courage means you have to put yourself out there with enthusiasm and energy to listen and to learn, so you can then add value and be accountable for the opportunities you will undoubtedly attract.