MEttle 14

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    20 July 2021

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What’s next?

This is the question seemingly being asked in every boardroom and by every executive team.

In this issue of MEttle, we have asked this question across a number of areas and in a variety of ways: how soon could international travel be re-established if an effective global vaccine passport system can be put in place? What are the key shifts in risk management that directors need to absorb in a Covid world? What behaviour might property tax changes drive? What is the potential for new asset bubbles to arise? And what does real leadership look like in uncertain times?

We are only able to do this because of the stellar opportunities we have been given to sit down with people at the forefront of New Zealand’s new economy. In this issue we explore the topic of Covid vaccines and passports, particularly what New Zealand can learn from other countries in this area, with David Morgan, Chief Flight Operations and Safety Officer and Chief Pilot at Air New Zealand, and John Fraser, the Dean of the Auckland Medical School.

Blair Turnbull, CEO of Tower Insurance, Joanne Ogg, EY’s Managing Partner Auckland, and highly reputed director Jonathan Mason gave us their time to discuss changes in risk management post-Covid. Brad Olsen, Senior Economist and Director of Infometrics, Todd Lauchlan, Managing Director of JLL in New Zealand, and Kiri Barfoot, Director of Barfoot & Thompson, all helped us to examine what the impacts of the Government’s latest policies may be on the investment sentiment of New Zealanders.

We also share leadership insights from Antonia Watson, CEO of ANZ and Michael Ahearne, CEO of SkyCity, who both discuss the importance of empathy and authenticity during turbulent times. We appreciate the time with each of the contributors, and also thank our former partner, Cathy Quinn for her insights and guidance on the themes discussed in this issue of MEttle.

We hope you are able to press ‘pause’ and find something in these pages that provokes useful answers to the question: what’s next?