MEttle 2020

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    18 December 2020

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This time last year, the pages of MEttle were draped in insights on sustainability, a topic that was on a front burner in every boardroom and C-suite around New Zealand, as rising global temperatures focused the brightest minds around the world.

Fast-forward 12 months, and you hardly need to guess the topic that has commanded all the resources, energy, creativity – and mettle – of everyone in every organisation in our country. It is true that NZ Inc. has faced and responded to change on a scale that has never been seen before. Leadership, business models, technology and people have been tested in countless ways, and are likely to be challenged for some time yet.

In this issue of MEttle, we have sat down with a number of people leading change within their organisations to understand how they have reacted, strategised and driven change within their business.

We investigate the shifts that have ensued from lockdowns and other restrictions on sectors across our economic landscape, from tourism to agriculture, telecommunications, education and more. Through adversity we continue to see the power of the ‘number-8-wire’ mentality as new ideas have been born, opportunities have been grasped, and organisations forge new pathways forward.

We are, as always, grateful for the pre-eminent leaders who give us their time and insights into their worlds, particularly in such a chaotic year. The message I continue to hear is that we need to work together to capitalise on the changes in the ‘new abnormal’, and to use every opportunity to reassess how our economy and country can perform sustainably into the future.

We hope you manage to find time to ‘pause’ over the coming weeks and find something that provokes thought on these pages.