MEttle 15

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    03 December 2021

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Long-term strategy: Has it ever been more vital?

A compelling vision of a way forward, with a long-term lens, has rarely been in greater need for organisations of all sizes, shapes, and sectors. But how do we move forward in a fast-paced, dynamic world where all previously normal horizons and parameters are constantly shifting?

This is just one of the fundamental questions we examine in this issue of MEttle. In considering it, the leaders we spoke with have consistent views. In rapidly evolving times, solid strategic foundations are built by revisiting, clarifying, and redefining organisational purpose, identifying meta trends that create areas of opportunity, solving customer problems and putting them at the heart of strategy, executing at pace, and bringing people with you on the journey.

In this issue we were fortunate to talk with Fonterra’s CEO, Miles Hurrell, to gain his insights
on leadership of the Co-op in these challenging times. Nick Grayston, Chief Executive of The
Warehouse Group, shares his laser-like views on the future of retail in the digital age. Infratil’s CEO, Jason Boyes delves into the work that has gone into re-shaping the infrastructure investment company’s future, and former Financial Markets Authority Chief Executive Rob Everett offers powerful insights into what’s required to strengthen public trust in the financial sector.

We were also privileged to speak with three outstanding female entrepreneurs – Frances Valintine, Cecilia Robinson and Carmen Vicelich – on their pathways into business and their views on the qualities that are required of leaders today for greatest success.

We hope this issue of MEttle provokes valuable thought.