MEttle 12

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    12 July 2019

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Welcome to the twelfth edition of MEttle in which we delve into one of the biggest issues for business, governance and the people we serve and represent – sustainability.

In years to come, 2019 will be noted as a year when this word became important  in the minds of many as the specter of climate change raises its head. We’ve all  seen or heard about family or friends marching for immediate action to be taken.  Evidence abounds from droughts and devastating fires, to floods and a teenager  from Sweden talking sense and making us listen.  

So, into the fray we have entered to provide some insight on sustainability from leaders in some of our most important industries, as well as a new political party. From their commentary, you will further understand this topic’s complexity, dynamism and energy. 

There is no single sustainability solution to fit all, every business and organisation is different, and this presents new challenges. What does sustainability mean for your organisation? Whatever the answer, it needs to rise-up your agenda.  

In this issue we also explore leading purpose-led organisations, building trust and developing business curiosity, as well as career planning, gender equality and achieving a balanced life.

As always, our aim is to encourage your thinking about challenges and to ask questions, as well as inspiring conversations and debate. We hope we’ve achieved this as you head away for a well-earned break.