MEttle 10

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    14 September 2018

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At a time when our Government has set New Zealand on the path to become net carbon zero by 2050, this issue of MEttle explores some of the major questions and themes of our time: the role of leadership and action, the need for clear purpose, strategy and bold targets, and how a long-term kaitiaki-oriented horizon is always going to turn challenges into opportunities. 

As NZ Inc. faces formidable challenges, we ask some of New Zealand’s leading business and financial lights – including Synlait Milk Chairman Graeme Milne, BNZ's Managing Director and CEO Angie Mentis, Mainfreight CEO Don Braid, Z Energy’s Lindis Jones and the Governor of the Reserve Bank, Adrian Orr – if New Zealand is thinking hard enough and preparing well enough for sustainable growth. With the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority inquiry into Commonwealth Bank of Australia providing an opportunity for learning by all organisations we also interview Jillian Broadbent AO a member of the panel appointed by APRA to conduct the review into CBA. 

One theme keeps emerging from our interviews: Get on with it, give it a go, if you’re in a position to lead, then go out and lead. Use your guts, determination, perseverance and a clear strategy to aim high and get somewhere – as it is always better than not aiming and getting nowhere. Leave no stone unturned.